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Skukúm-tilixam was watching and waiting

The flashlight barely pierced the dark veil of night and provided no relief for the weary traveler. The heavy weight of silence wrapped around her as she paused, listening for even the tiniest crackling of leaves that may betray a presence or snapping of a twig. Nothing. Yet, evil was present. Out there. In the dark. Tangled within the shadows of the forest. Somewhere close, a *Skukúm-tilixam was watching and waiting.

It seems every culture has their own words and stories about evil spirits, demons and monsters. Here in the Northwest, Skukúm-tilixam is the Chinook (Chinuk) Wawa word for a menacing supernatural spirit or person. Skukúm may also reference a creature similar to the famed sasquatch roaming the deep woods of the coastal and Cascadia mountains.

The Skookum Spirit blog and Twitch channel explores the many *Skukúms that lurk within our nightmares or skulk just beyond the outer edges of our vision. We will take this journey together as we share our own stories, experiences, and hauntings.


*Grand Ronde Community of Oregon (2012).Chinuk Wawa As Our Elders Teach Us to Speak It

Image Credit: Illustration 11985843 © Saša Prudkov |

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