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2018 Entries!

A Ghost Storia by Elaine McArdle

A Mid-November Night's Dream     

     by Mindijo Terrill

Abandoned by Melissa Eskue Ousley

Accidents Can Happen by David West

An Inch of Water by Lucy Rose Mihajlich

Captain Bobalong's Ghost Ship by

     Don Jenkins

Captain Flavel's House of Haunted Wax by

    Anthony Mills

Captain Simpson of the Machigone by 

     Don Jenkins

Clear Thinking at Hill's Saloon by

     Don Jenkins

Corker and the Black Dog by 

     Jennifer Nightingale

Crossing the Bar by Vicki Berger

Deadly Hello by Jason & Amy Romero

Echoes of Disappointment by

     Nicole HennemanAnstedt

Flicker by Lucy Rose Mihajlich

General Warren by Emily Townsend

Ghost of a Lady by Haley Werst

Ghosts Along the River Walk by 

     Jennifer Nightingale

Hand In Hand by Mary Williams

Honor Your Ancestors by Ellen Greenfield

Hotel Astoria by Michel de Marquette

In The Mist by Jason & Amy Romero

Just A Light by Jennifer S. Aossey

Killer Clam Tide by Sylvia Avery

Maggie by  Rob Johnstone

On The Hook by Julian Domain

Pacific Northwest Aloha by Fred Morgan

Sailors and Their Sinking Superstitions by

     Joan Compagno-Wright

Sliding by Neil Hummasti (in memorium)

Stella Maris by Suzanne Dean

The Extinction of the Ptxyl Whale by

     Jaime Lump

The Grave Tender  by David Ryan

The Last Gala by Kelli Griffith

The Lost by Gay S Clodgo

The Newcomer by Cathy Cruikshank

The Terrible Collection by Judith Altruda

The Vial Truth by David Kaiser

Three Ghost Stories & Miranda's Tale

     by John Ciminello

What Happened to Daylight by

      Jason & Amy Romero

You're a Fine Girl by Heather Douglas    

Thank you to our sponsors!

Topaz & Perry Still -- Winner Awards

Inferno Lounge 

Special Thanks to

Clatsop County Historical Society

Hip Fish & Kala

Rain Magazine

Winners of the 2018

Haunted Astoria Short Story Writing Contest!

First Place:  A Ghost Storia by Elaine McArdle

Second Place:  Maggie by Rob Johnstone

Third Place:  Just a Light by Jennifer S. Aossey

Honorable Mentions

The Grave Tender by David Ryan

and Killer Clam Tide by Sylvia Avery

Winner prizes sponsored by Topaz & Perry Still


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